В этот день 210 лет назад родился Эдвард Лир. 12 мая теперь отмечается Международный День Совенка и Кошечки — героев стихотворения Лира, которое, по итогам опросов общественного мнения, регулярно признается любимым поэтическим произведением британцев.

А мы отпразднуем день рождения Главного Белибердяя и Верховного Вздорослагателя Англии подборкой его лондонских лимериков.

There was a young lady of Greenwich,
Whose garments were bordered with Spinach;
But a large spotty Calf,
Bit her shawl quite in half,
Which alarmed that young lady of Greenwich.
There was an old person of Pinner,
As thin as a lath, if not thinner;
They dressed him in white,
And roll'd him up tight,
That elastic old person of Pinner.
There was an old person of Putney,
Whose food was roast spiders and chutney,
Which he took with his tea,
Within sight of the sea,
That romantic old person of Putney.
There was an old person of Bromley,
Whose ways were not cheerful or comely;
He sate in the dust,
Eating spiders and crust,
That unpleasing old person of Bromley.
There was an old man of Blackheath,
Whose head was adorned with a wreath,
Of lobsters and spice,
Pickled onions and mice,
That uncommon old man of Blackheath.
There was an old person of Ealing,
Who was wholly devoid of good feeling;
He drove a small gig,
With three Owls and a Pig,
Which distressed all the people of Ealing.
There was a young person of Kew,
Whose virtues and vices were few;
But with blameable haste,
She devoured some hot paste,
Which destroyed that young person of Kew.
There was an old person of Bow,
Whom nobody happened to know;
So they gave him some soap,
And said coldly, 'We hope
You will go back directly to Bow!'
There was an old person of Barnes,
Whose garments were covered with darns;
But they said, 'Without doubt,
You will soon wear them out,
You luminous person of Barnes!'